ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering is a specialized engineering school with over 11 decades of history behind them. ESIGELEC maintains high academic standards and their programs are structured with a practical approach to learning cycles. ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering has partnered with over 3000 leading companies in France and European Union and also have partnerships with 85 universities in 40 countries.

Popular Engineering Majors in Demand at the ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering
• Electronic for Automotive and Aeronautics Systems
• Automation and Industrial Robotics
• Electrical Engineering and Transport
• Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering
• Embedded Systems Engineering, Autonomous Vehicles
• Embedded Systems Engineering, Communicating Objects
• Energy and Sustainable Development
• Medical Engineering
• Communications Engineering
• Network Architecture and Security
• Digital Service Engineering
• Big Data for Digital Transformation
• Business Engineering, Networks and Telecommunications
• Business Engineering, Energy and Signals
• Financial Engineering

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