Grodno State Medical University (GRSMU) is one of the leading medical universities in the Republic of Belarus and it was founded in 1958, and has solid reputation in scientific sphere as well as among students. The Grodno State Medical University is a universally recognized medical research center in the Republic of Belarus. The scientists and scholars of the University have advances in solving diagnostics problems and treating a wide range of surgical and internal disorders. The University works in collaboration with educational and research centres of Poland, Germany, Russia and other countries. It organizes annual scientific and practical conferences on various medical issues. The University provides with all necessary well-equipped experimental and clinical facilities for training highly qualified specialists.

Why Grodno State Medical University?

• One of the “Top 600 Universities” in the world. – Source - RankPro
• One of the Leading Medical Universities in the Republic of Belarus
• Certificate in Merit for contribution in training highly qualified medical professionals.
• Won "Brand of the Year - 2013" in "Science and Education"
• Comprehensive clinical training several specialized government hospitals.
• Achieved the Prize of the Government of Belarus for achievements in the field of “Quality”. (In 2011)
• Won the professional contest "Brand of the Year - 2014" in the category "Export".
• Accredited as a scientific organization.
• Received status of “Expert” in the field of “Education and Science”.
• An accredited member of the International program "Global World Communicator (GWC) “Education and Science”.
• 100% English Medium Curriculum.
• Affordable Tuition fee.
• GRSMU’s magazine is included in the bibliographic database “E-library”.
• Virtual laparoscopic surgery workshops in practical training lab.
• Various fields of training such as general medicine, medical psychology, medical diagnostics, nursing and pediatrics
• Teachers publish manuals and textbooks for students
• Theoretical and practical clinical training of students is upgraded every year.
• Small group classes. 1:10 for better individual attention
• Possibility to take practical training in Poland and Germany
• Staff of the University received 158 patents for inventions and utility models, 125 positive decisions, 3 certificates for trademarks.
• The GRSMU Open Olympiad – competition to assess knowledge of students for studying in GRSMU
• Grodno is an ideal place for living and studying.
• Research opportunities through TEMPUS Program (Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies)
• Take part in Erasmus Program – European Union student exchange programs.
• Adopting research areas inside the campus. (Early diagnosis, treatment of patients)
• Collaborated with Public Health officials of Belarus between clinical departments, municipal medial & prophylactic institutions.

Recognition and Accreditation
In particular resonance to “Medical Education” the “Recognition and Accreditation” takes due responsibility in determining the future career prospects and its long term influence. The MD programme is fully accredited by the following institutions,
• World Health Organization (WHO) – Included in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED)
• General Medical Council (UK)
• Australian Medical Council (Australia)
• Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG of USA)
• Maldives Quality Authority (MQA – Maldives)
• Malaysian Medical Council (MMC – Malaysia)
• Sri-Lanka Medical Council (SLMC)

• Utilization of State of the art “Anotomage tables” to teach Anatomy.
• Modern computer technologies are introduced widely in the educational process
• Multimedia presentations create training videos; participate in role-playing games medical virtual reality.
• Laboratory of molecular genetic investigation.
• Website of the library- winner CIS competition under medical libraries “Top Med” (In 2012)
• The first medical laboratory to use for practical training in Belarus.
• Simulation Laboratories (Simulation Hospital Wards – exact replica of a real hospital)
• Training on computerized mannequins before observing real patients to increase the confidence level and reduce medical mishaps.
• Modern computer 4D program functioning on the basis of the Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital.
• Biggest Medical Library in the country (More than 42,000 copies)
• On site university canteen facility
• Well-equipped Gymnasium and other sports facilities.
• Comfortable Hostels with walking distance to the university.
• Student recreation facilities in its best.
• More than 25 Clinical departments of University.
• Medical facilities and locations of hospital all close to GRSMU
• Student Scientific Society – To help and develop student’s researches.
• Scientific Society collaborates with students outside Belarus for more exposure.
• Young Scientists Council – Students to find solutions for actual problems. (Conferences, seminars etc.)

Career Outcomes
Republic of Belarus provides guaranteed “Internship” opportunity for candidates who wish to work in Belarus or other countries upon passing the relevant medical licensing examinations. Hence Grodno State Medical University assists students in completing their “Clinical Residency” over a 1 year period. Clinical residency provides more than 20 specialties for the Medical graduate to choose from.

There are wide career opportunities for a doctor to the position of head of department, chief doctor. If desired, the doctor can engage in private practice. Graduates can engage in research activities, enter graduate school, become candidates, and then doctors of science, teach at a medical university.

The career of a doctor involves training further in the medical degree. If students wish to practice medicine, The MD program offered by Grodno State Medical University is truly an International degree that gives all graduates the chance to study at one of the world’s top medical schools and graduate with a qualification to practice medicine in UK, USA, Australia and etc. As listed on the World Directly of Medical Schools under WHO, Medical qualification of Grodno State Medical University is recognized by multiple medical boards all around the world hence possibility to take up careers anywhere in the world.