Orientation Day 2021 March Intake of
AIC Transfer students and parents.

AIC Campus was happy to welcome the students and parents of its latest intake adhering to the new normal or social distancing and COVID19 precautions.

Prof.Inoka Perera Dean of IMC-AIC Campus, Mr.Inthikab Zufer Chief Operating Officer (COO) of IMC-AIC Campus, Dr.Sanjeevan Rajendran Academic Head AIC Campus addressed the new students and their parents.

Important highlight of the event was the live interaction with the International Directors of leading French Grande Ecole�@esigelec_officiel�Esigelec Graduate School of Engineering and�@rennes_sb�Renne School of Business.

@aiccampus�welcomes the new students while wishing all of them very best for their studies and future education and career opportunities abroad.