study in France Information Webinar on 31st March 2020 at BNTU Minsk Republic of Belarus.

The webinar was conducted by Esigelec Graduate School of Engineering @esigelec_officiel International Director Mr.Cyril Marteaux and Manager South Asia Ms.Vidya Suresh for the benefit of BNTU students who are planning to commence their European University Engineering Transfer Programs.

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Mr. Joseph RAMAUGER - International Development Manager from Montpellier Business School (MBS) addressed the students and provided information about European University Business Transfer Program.

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Large number of students from countries such as Nigeria, Congo Cameroon, Turkey, and Togo took part in the Webinar that lasted more than 2 hours. The webinar was conducted in both French and English languages.

@aiccampus offers a unique transfer program from @bntu Republic of Belarus ???????? where students commence their Engineering and Business education. First 2 years of study in BNTU will be followed by Transfer to Esigelec Graduate Engineering School or Montpellier Business School (MBS) France, leading Grande Ecole of France.

Typical to French higher education system all the students will receive industry funding, housing grants and most importantly are offered the same tuition as local French students. Making France on of the best places for students to study abroad. For more information you can visit IMC-AIC Consortium Website or AIC Campus website

Sri Lankan students can contact AIC Campus Colombo (+94 (77) 977 9776/ +94 (77) 443 6725 / +94 (77) 448 3526) or AIC Campus Kandy ( +94 (77) 440 1206/ +94 (76) 675 9600) or AIC Campus Jaffna ( +94 (76) 664 4707 / +94 (77) 440 3644)